Ten Reasons why Boudoir Photos are a great gift for Father’s Day

Ten Reasons why Boudoir Photos are a great gift for Father’s Day

Hello All! I am sorry I have been away, but wanted to get my blog set up a little better. It was getting frustrating having it not look quite right. The learning curve for me was a little too long! I’d rather be shooting photos then learning Wordpress. Anyway…

It’s probably a little too late right now, but I’d like to let you all know how wonderful Boudoir Portraits can be as a gift for Father’s Day.

The idea occurred to me by accident many years ago. I had several calls one week from ladies wanting information on our Boudoir Photography as a gift for Father’s Day. It totally surprised me. It never even crossed my mind that half naked photos would be a good gift for a husband for Father’s Day. But there it was. So we ran our usual ad in the New Times, and the feedback was quite overwhelming! So ever since then I have experienced a wave of boudoir work in the weeks before Father’s Day.

It is a totally splendid idea and can really be a force in improving the intimacy in a marriage. Think of it. Man and woman meet, court and then marry. Up until the time a woman has children, she is seen by her husband mainly in an intimate way. But once she becomes pregnant, all sorts of new angles come to the surface. The relationship changes. He sees her as ‘mother’. Not HIS mother of course, but a mother aspect. In extreme cases it actually becomes the ‘Madonna Complex’, but that is a topic for another day. Most folks don’t go that far. But the point is her husband just doesn’t think the same way about her. I ask many ladies “Does your husband think you would do this?” (take naughty photos for him) The answer is no about 90% of the time.

But this is only one of many fabulous reasons to give Boudoir Photography as a gift, for any occasion. Father’s Day is not off limits and in fact can be the best reason. After all, how did he become a Dad anyway?!!!!!!!!! So here are 10 reasons why boudoir photos are a great gift for Father’s Day or any day for that matter:

Number 10: Sexy lingerie generally doesn’t smell like baby spit up, since it is never in the vicinity of an infant.

Number 9: Stilettos are easier to wear during your photo shoot as you will not be required to lead a toddler anywhere.

Number 8: Your boobs can be viewed as sex objects once again, and not a food station. (think: push up bra, not nursing bra)

Number 7: You will have a reason to find your long lost ‘sexy clothes’ instead of doing the laundry for everyone else.

Number 6: You now have motivation at the gym. One look in the mirror at your butt is all it takes. I know this, because I have seen my butt in the mirror.  Scary! But just chant to yourself over and over again: Photoshop, photoshop, photoshop….. I can lift and separate!

Number 5: It’s like a mini vacation. I don’t allow kids or men in the camera room, but I do allow booze and other substances….but of course I wouldn’t  know anything about that.

Number 4: You can indulge your fantasies…or his!  How about a stripper pole? Would this rock his world? Use your imagination for something else besides “what’s for dinner?”

Number 3: Your husband WILL NOT expect it. Enough said here.

Number 2: YOU will be pampered with hair and makeup. You will be treated like a model…and look like one!

And the NUMBER 1 reason Boudoir Photos are a great gift for Father’s Day is:

You will realize it’s actually a gift for YOU, making it the BEST gift you ever gave yourself! You will see how beautiful and sexy you really are, resulting in massively better sex at home! And you will both live happily ever after. THE END. 😉