Your wedding is possibly the most important time to hire a real Professional Photographer.

That being said, I won’t bore you with any arguments about making an album, or just getting the digital files, etc. But you should at least have a REAL photographer that already knows what to do. Once that day is over, those photos are all you have remaining for all the effort and money spent. Also, that same group of family and friends will NEVER be together again in the same way.

I have been a full time Professional Photographer since 1990. I have photographed hundreds of weddings in all kinds of places and environments. I have photographed pretty much all religious and ethnic group types. I would love to photograph your wedding. But if I don’t, here are some things to know:

Things your photographer should know how to do:

  • They should first inform you of what time the sun sets. Unless you are not wanting outdoor photos, this is super important.
  • They should help create or at least have input on your wedding day timeline. This is to make sure that there is adequate time to get all the desired photos, and make the best use of your precious time.
  • They should know how to organize groups and get them to look good, without looking awkward.
  • They have to think fast on their feet. Things happen quickly on the wedding day, you have to be ready.
  • They have to know how to attach boutonnieres and corsages. 90% of the time my assistant and myself do this to expedite the photos. (I’m kind of kidding here, but not really)
  • They have to know how to create beautiful, artistic, posed photos, really fast. We have limited time.
  • They have to get along with all different personality types at your wedding.
  • They have to know which group shots are essential, and help you to plan for them. (timeline)
  • They need to work well with the other wedding vendors, and try to keep you on schedule. This way, you will have MORE TIME to enjoy your wedding.

In addition to all of this, they need to have a real grasp of actual photography. This means lighting, posing, coaching for good expressions, and photo composition. Photoshop editing will not fix a truly bad pose or expression. I hate seeing a beautiful couple, at a beautiful location with sloppy posing, awkward expressions and bad lighting. The one thing I try to do most, is make my clients look REAL. If it looks fake, I don’t like it.


Digital Only

My fee for photographing a wedding is $100 per hour, plus $495 for your fully edited and retouched disc of finished images. My editing is more comprehensive than most photographers. I routinely remove stray hairs, double chins, and even do head swapping when needed on the formal photos

This package is for couples that only want the digital images. I also include a private, password protected website with an online ordering option. It’s best for us to discuss your timeline so we can determine how long you need a photographer and I can give you an accurate cost. I also usually bring an assistant or 2nd photographer, depending on your needs.

All Inclusive

This is for folks who want a real wedding album, with photos printed on real photographic paper and mounted on thick pages. I charge $1800 for 7 hours in this package. This includes a Custom 10X10, 30 page Album, your disc of fully retouched and edited images, and a private, password protected website. I also usually bring an assistant or 2nd photographer depending on your needs. Please contact me for other options. I can put together a custom package for you depending on the time you need me, and possibly other album sizes.

Destination Weddings

I do travel for weddings. The prices above are for the Metro Phoenix area. But I like to travel for work, so if you’re getting married somewhere else, hit me up. I’ll sleep on your couch if needed. But seriously, I usually only charge extra for actual travel fees.

Engagement Photos

I have a flat fee of $300 for an Engagement Session, which includes a 1 to 1 ½ hour session in the Metro Phoenix area, and a disc of up to 20, fully retouched and edited images. I can suggest a location based on your special style as a couple, or you may choose a location meaningful to you.

I also offer real albums, and/or signing guest books made from your engagement photos. Samples are available to see and touch at the studio. Albums are custom, so prices are on request. I also include a disc of the purchased images with the album.