Welcome to my world.

I have been a full time Professional Photographer in Phoenix for 25 years.

Just seeing that in writing is pretty overwhelming to me. I have done every type of photography involving people. I started doing boudoir photography in the late eighties before it was cool, along with gay weddings, when that wasn’t cool either. When I became a photographer, there were very few women in the field, and we used film. I was a single mom, and I was able to make a living doing what I love. I have been a very lucky lady.

So much has changed. I miss film, but I am so glad for the other changes.

I would love to be your photographer.

I have photographed many celebrities over the years, but never talked about it because I felt it was tacky. I always felt that photographing a famous person said more about ‘who you know’, rather than how good of a photographer you really were. But for old times sake, I will be digging some of those up and posting them here. So you might want to check back.

So I’ll keep it simple, here are my good points.

  • I’m really good at making people look better than real life. This includes using posing, lighting, and photoshop enhancements when needed.
  • I have a lot of patience. With kids, babies, with nervous women doing boudoir, with crazy brides, etc.
  • I am down to earth. I tell it like it is. If I don’t think your outfit is going to work well for your photos, I will tell you. If you need to pose differently, I’m going to make you do it. I think a lot of ‘natural’ photographers are just too lazy or scared to get involved and perfect the image. I have heard many clients say that their previous photographer ‘didn’t tell us what to do’. I have no problem telling you what to do. That is my job. I photograph regular people, not models. They need my direction. That’s what they’re paying me for.
  • I am good at adapting to any situation. I am just as comfortable photographing an AIG executive as I am a boudoir or a newborn.
  • I have a REAL studio, but LOVE photographing outdoors even more. I also love Starbucks, so if you want to meet there for a consultation, I’m good with that too.
  • I’m a really good photographer who delivers consistent results.
  • Current member of the Glendale Community College Photography Advisory Board.
  • Awarded the APPLE award from Arizona Professional Photographers Association, for leadership and photographic excellence.
  • Four time winner of the AZPPA Top Ten Photographers Award.
  • Two time winner of the Fuji Masterpiece Award.
  • Winner of AZPPA Judges Choice Award.
  • Three time winner of the Art Critic Award from AZPPA
  • Past two term President of the AZPPA.
  • Past photographer and journalist for ‘Wearing Ink’ magazine.
Best Phoenix boudoir photographer