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First of all, I want to welcome you to my world.  It’s a world that you can feel safe in.

Although I photograph many beautiful women, I almost never photograph ‘models’. Most of the ladies that come to my studio are ‘normal’ ladies who want to feel beautiful. This means they all have things they don’t like about their bodies. Things like scars, cellulite, stretch marks and blemishes.  I have photographed ladies with amputated limbs, mastectomies, and full body scarring from severe burns. I have photographed 300 lb ladies, and 90 lb ladies.

The one thing they all had in common when they left my studio, is that they felt beautiful, sexy, and they had a blast.

My goal during your session is to take what YOU are, and amplify that. I exploit your REAL style, and I downplay what you don’t like. I do this by talking with you before your session about what you want, your wardrobe choices and why you have decided to have boudoir photos taken.   Also:

  • I am an EXPERT at posing you to get the best angle to enhance your body.
  • I am an EXPERT at coaching you for an appropriate and sexy expression.
  • I am an EXPERT at lighting. I use it to create mood, and to enhance your best features.

My makeup artist/hair stylist, Azure, and I, have worked together for  years. We don’t offer you ‘champagne and chocolates’ (yes I am poking fun at my competition), but you will have a super FUN and EMPOWERING experience at my place. We are down to earth, and good at keeping secrets. Of course you can be as conservative or as crazy as you want. YOU set the tone for your session, we just help you along.

And if you really want champagne, we’ll go get some for you.


There are 4 basic styles of Boudoir Photography. We usually do 2 or more of these styles in one session, at no additional charge to you.

classic magazine style:

This style is the most common and usually includes our bedroom/home type props and sets. We want it to look as natural as possible. You can do any type of lingerie, nudes or partial nudes. The hair and makeup for this will conform to your unique style and the wardrobe you decide to wear.


This could mean anything, but usually means you want something that is not traditional. Something ‘different’, something more specific to your inner self. I will consult with you to determine what that might be for you.


Pin-up photography is defined by 40’s/50’s hair, clothing and makeup trends. You can choose to wear specific lingerie from the era, dresses, or even nudes. We have many props and backgrounds to help you stay true to this look. If you lack the authentic clothing from the era, a simple bra/panties and plain stockings will do the trick. I will help coach you to get the right facial expression and pose to complete the image.


If you or your guy are sports fans, we’re talking about bringing your favorite team jersey, or maybe you are gun enthusiasts, and you’d like to include a sexy photo with your favorite firearm. We have the backgrounds and posing expertise to make this happen.

what to wear/bring:

I get this question a lot, and the answer is whatever you want! Some suggestions I have are:

  • Bring at least one basic black push up bra and matching panties. Stockings optional.
  • Bring heels. HIGH. The higher the better.
  • Bring fake lashes in a length you like.
  • Take a look in your closet and drawers and you will find stuff you forgot about. Bring anything you like. Even something as simple as a scarf can be made into an entire set of images. I have a big imagination and I will put things together in ways you may not think of. I can’t tell you how many times something random turned into a client’s favorite photo.
  • Don’t forget jewelry and accessories as an option.
  • Lingerie that supports is usually better than something that just hangs there.
  • Capitalize on an interest or profession you have or your guy has. Like a sport or hobby. I once shot a lady in a body bag; she worked at the county morgue. We made that sexy. Nothing is off the table.

other tips:

  • DO NOT straighten your hair before a session
  • Do not get a haircut or color right before your session.
  • Do not get a tan or spray tan before your session, unless it’s something you do all the time.
  • Do shave appropriately.
  • Do come in with dry hair.
  • Do get a nice manicure, or you may use press on nails if permanent nails are not practical.
  • You may come in with no makeup and hair not done, or just come in, as you look every day.

hair and makeup

My hair and makeup artist, Azure, has over 20 years experience. We have been a team for years. She is an expert in all types of ethnic hair and makeup, as well as for high fashion. She will do your hair and makeup in my studio, right before your session. It usually takes an hour or less. Azure will  be happy to discuss any concerns you have ahead of time.


A session with us is $175 and includes hair and makeup in the studio. The photo packages are separate from the session, and start at $250 for a collection or you may even buy individual images. We do not have a minimum order requirement.

We normally do 3-4 clothing changes, however, you may bring as much as you’d like. We do not have a time limit on your session.

Hair and makeup in our makeup room usually takes an hour or less. Once you are done with your hair and makeup I will take you into our private camera room for your photo session. A normal photo session usually takes 1 to 1 ½ hours.

Once your session is complete I will prepare your proofs for viewing and I will help you select the images you like. This will happen right after your session, so you will see your images right away, no waiting!

things to know about our photo packages:

  • All purchased images are FULLY retouched. No cellulite, stretch marks, blemishes, scars, etc.
  • All packages include a digital copy of the purchased images.
  • We offer loose prints, digital only packages, and a variety of albums with digital copies.
  • CONTACT ME TO SEND YOU A COMPLETE PRICE LIST. We want you to have it before you book your session with us.

see you soon!

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