Baby Boomer’s Babies…..Having Babies

I really have no idea what this generation of babies will be labeled. We had the Baby Boomers, the Gen Xer’s, and then the Millennials, so what next? Who knows. But I do know that this generation will be smart and up for the challenges of today’s world. They will also be extra tuned in to media from all different sources. Multitasking on steroids so to speak, but I am rambling. Photographing the Cresswell’s: dad, Adam, mom, Jennifer their oldest Cayden and the new addition Bridger James, born November 3rd, have got me thinking about what will define their generation.  It will be interesting to see, but for now we’ll just enjoy Bridger’s baby portraits and children and family portraits of Cayden romping on the bed. I have been photographing the Cresswell’s since before Cayden was born. Thank you Adam and Jennifer!

Phoenix Family Portraits
phoenix childrens photography
Phoenix childrens portraits
Arizona baby portraits
Phoenix baby photography
Arizona baby photography
phoenix newborn portraits