Glendale Arizona Mom and Daughter bond with Boudoir Photography

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This week, we met Glendale, Arizona residents Sue and Rachel, mother and daughter, who booked boudoir shoots on the same day. Sue is 54, and Rachel, 30, is her oldest daughter. These inspirational women break the mold about what boudoir photography can be. Sue has been married for 33 years, and is as much in love with her husband today as when she met him at age 14. She teaches a class at her church called Becoming a Beautiful Bride, which isn’t about getting married, but about staying married by treating sexuality and passion in marriage as

the gift it was meant to be. Rachel, just one month post C-Section, discovered Photography by Leanna online and decided boudoir photography would be a great way to “shake things up” and feel good and sexy again after all of those months of pregnancy!

Sue wasn’t so sure. She was nervous about doing what she thought of as “nude photos”. Her mind changed when she went on Leanna’s website and discovered that boudoir photography can be tasteful, inspiring, and open to anyone, regardless of age, religious beliefs, or physical ability. Perfection is not needed, and really, it is not worth worrying about. The decisive moment for Sue was when she states that she heard “Leanna’s heart on her website, believing that every woman is beautiful.”

Post photo shoot thoughts:

“It was a lot more work than I thought it would be, but I could really do it!”

“Leanna made me feel super comfortable. She knows exactly what will work, and that put me at ease.”

“It was FUN! I am so glad I did this, and my husband will be so surprised!”

Thank you, Sue and Rachel, for spending your day with us. You are touching in your closeness as mother and daughter, and your devotion to your marriages and your faith is amazing.