The Top 3 Things To Know For Your Maternity Portraits

Phoenix maternity photos

As a 20 year veteran Phoenix Professional Photographer, who has specialized in doing Boudoir Photography, it was an easy jump to nude and semi nude maternity photography all those years ago when Demi Moore made it ‘acceptable’ to pose nude while pregnant. Well we’ve all come a long way since then. But some things stay true. Here are the top three things to make your maternity photos ‘celebrity’ perfect.

1. WHAT TYPE OF ‘FEEL’ DO YOU WANT YOUR PORTRAITS TO HAVE?  Is your style dramatic? Fun and playful? Sexy? Or do you want a little of everything? Some ladies really don’t know until they see themselves actually in the portrait. So to this I say, let your photographer (ME) help you with this. Take a look in your closet. What’s in there? Have a lot of sexy stuff? Adapt it for use in your belly session. What do you want to see on your wall? Something artsy? YOU can be the art. If you’re not sure, just bring in a bunch of stuff and let me figure it out. It’s always helpful as well to look at photos of other pregnant ladies to see what you like. But remember, we need to adapt it to your unique look, body type, and personality. Which brings up number two…

2. WARDROBE: Of course your belly is the star, but we do want to flatter YOU. I always recommend some basic solid color items. My favorite is the man’s button down long sleeve dress shirt. It’s extremely versatile, and COVERS YOUR ARMS. The long sleeve button down shirt opens in front to see your belly, covers the girls without making them look like pancakes, and covers your arms, putting all the attention on your beautiful face and belly. A pet peeve of mine is the black ‘tube top’ that many folks use to cover your boobies. (yes, I said boobies). I don’t approve! It flattens out the girls and makes your arms more prominent. I don’t think it is at all flattering.  Of course, I also recommend bringing really ANYTHING you want, but having that one basic item goes a long way. Bring something colorful, bring something from your baby shower, or other baby stuff you might want to include. Heirloom items passed down from your parents are super props to build a shot around. Hats, gloves, scarves, lingerie, shoes (read heels),  sky’s the limit!

3. HAIR AND MAKEUP: This is a really neglected thing for most ladies. It’s so important to have your hair and makeup camera ready. Lorri, with   Two By Two Hair and Makeup Artistry ,  my in studio hair and makeup artist,  stands ready to make you look like a superstar. Not only will you look fabulous, but you’ll FEEL so beautiful! And we all know that when you truly feel beautiful you look it!

Phoenix maternity portraits

All of these points come together to make a beautiful portrait. Along with expert posing, lighting and a little help from the Photoshop Fairy Godmother you will be one HOT MAMA!