Want Romance? Add a little Oregano.

Gina and I had a hard time figuring out just when it was that I started photographing her family. We finally came to the conclusion that she was probably about 9 years old when I started doing family photos for her and her brother, mom and dad and her Aunt Lynn and her family.  Gina is now 26 years old. I have watched her grow up, along with my own daughter, who was less than one year old when I started getting lunch at Gina’s family restaurant,  “Pugzies”. If you work near 16th street and Camelback in Phoenix, you have to know Pugzie’s. They serve the ultimate in fresh sandwiches, salads, soups and decadent desserts.  http://www.pugzies.com/

I can’t believe Gina is in love, engaged, and getting married next March. Today I met Justin, and I believe they are well suited. Gina met Justin while he was working at Oregano’s restaurant. Several visits were made, business cards exchanged and before you know it Justin was visiting Gina at the family restaurant. Now they are in love and getting married, and I am their photographer. What a beautiful life I have. My thanks to Gina and Lisa, her mom, for choosing me long ago and now. Here are just a few of the romantic moments we captured today. Gina and Justin chose the rugged desert of South Mountain for their images. Congratulations to you both!

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