Ms. D looking awesome!

Just wanted to share some extra special images done this Valentine’s Day. We threw together a tutu, leg warmers and some awesome heels for these shots. As usual, when a client comes in we just go through their stuff and make up something. That’s why I tell all my clients “just bring in a bunch of stuff, and we’ll take in from there”.  I find if a client thinks things through too much, it sometimes stifles the creative process. Just looking through your closet and drawers for things you love is good enough. Just throw it all in a duffle and show up at the studio.

I also like to keep the props simple and incidental to the client.

Lorri will do your hair and makeup, and I’ll think up stuff. That’s what I do. Of course, I LOVE heels. So they are the centerpiece of these images.

Them and the awesome Ms. D.

Phoenix Boudoir Photographers1
Phoenix Boudoir Photography11