What to wear for your Valentine’s Day photography

One of the questions I get asked most often by my clients when they are considering boudoir photography as a Valentine’s Day gift for their sweetie is “What should I bring to wear?” Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I will focus my next few blogs on my boudoir photography, which of course, is the ULTIMATE gift for guys on this holiday of lovers.

Many ladies ask me if I supply the ‘outfits’. The answer is no. You really do need to bring your own lingerie. I know a few photographers who ‘supply costumes’. I do not agree with this. I mean, do you really want to wear someone else’s underwear? Not only is it unsanitary, but after he sees your photos, your guy is going to want to see YOU in that outfit! At least if the photographer did their job he will!

So….what to bring to the shoot, right? Based on my 20 plus years experience, here are some suggestions.

You need to pick what looks good on YOU. Not what’s comfortable, not what you saw in an ad, but what flatters you and your figure. It’s okay to bring some outfits that are sentimental favorites, like one of ‘his’ dress shirts he saw you in, a sexy dress that he likes or an outfit he bought for you. Pay close attention to what he says he likes on you. What parts of your body does he say he likes? Choose outfits that accentuate those parts of your body that he likes and also the parts that YOU like.

Most importantly, think of lingerie as a tool. It’s a tool you use to bring out what you like and downplay what you don’t. It’s one of many tools that I use in the photo shoot. You don’t have to be a frilly lingerie type to take advantage of this fact. A simple bra and panties set is lingerie. Doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be plain and simple or it can be sweet and frilly or it can be hard and fast, the possibilities are limitless!

Figure helpers are:

The ‘push up’ bra. Always a great idea whether you have big boobs or not. But a small chested gal can gain a lot of mileage with a good one. Put that with a matching set of panties and some thigh high stockings and heels and there you have it. Underwire is also a good thing, at least in photo shoot world. Save ‘comfortable’ for your sweatpants.

Panties: ladies no ‘granny panties’ please! If it covers your entire backside, chances are it’s NOT SEXY. Go with a french cut, thong or t back. With the proper positioning and camera angle I can make your butt look model perfect. Please don’t look in the mirror at your butt. The mirror lies. When it comes to your backside, it’s all about the lighting and angle. A little photoshop doesn’t hurt either.

Corsets, I LOVE them. I was born with no waist. If you were too, I feel your pain. There is barely 4 inches between my ribs and my hipbones. How can a waist fit there? But I have been trying for years! Anyway, if you are a little thick in the middle, the corset is your best friend. Make sure it laces up, just like the scene from the Titanic. It should have 2 laces. One coming down from the top and one coming up from the bottom. They should meet in the middle of your back. They should NOT tie on the bottom. You want the cinch in the middle of your waist, not on your hips (no muffin bulge please). Also the strings should be almost like shoelaces. Ribbon is okay, but won’t give you as much tension. Remember, breathing is for wimps. As long as you look great who cares if you pass out! You will have the hourglass figure….or die trying. As long as you last until the photo shoot is over.  Make sure your boobs fit into the top. There should be an underwire built in. If not, it’s not a good enough corset,  it won’t push the girls up well enough and they will shift downward.  Most corsets have built in garters. The better ones are removable. Which brings us to our next subject: stockings.

Stockings: thigh highs are the most popular. Just remember some thigh highs are ‘functional’ and some are ‘recreational’…wink, wink.  Functional stockings are for work, they have unattractive thick elastic at the top, and usually cut deep into your thigh. This is so they don’t fall down while your filing something in the office. And who cares? No one sees them. Recreational stockings, on the other hand, look ‘pretty’ on top. They usually have lace tops or a simple plain top. Unfortunately, most of the lace tops also have elastic in them. It’s unfortunate because many ladies still want to wear a garter with them. The stockings with the elastic are too thick to fit into the garter attachment, although I can make it work anyway by going between the elastic rings in the top of the stocking. In the last few years, they have finally come out with lace top stockings without elastic! Most sales people, however, don’t realize this and will sell you any lace top to go with the garters. So if you want to use garters AND have a lace top stocking try to find the ones without the elastic. The plain top stockings are intended for use with the garters and look great, but I know most of you like the lace better. Oh, and that thigh ‘bulge’ you have at the top? Don’t worry, I can fix it!

Heels: notice I didn’t say shoes. When it comes to boudoir there are no other type of shoes. Leave the office shoes at home. There is a reason that the thin, high, spiked and stiletto heels have been around for so long. They are FLATTERING TO YOUR LEGS. I recommend a 3 inch or higher. With certain outfits platforms can work, or boots or sometimes even barefoot, but the heels are a boudoir standard. The strippers know what they’re doing girls.

Robes and shirts: I mention these because paired with a bra and panties or corset, if you are a little heavy, they can shave the pounds off. They will not take the place of proper posing, but can be a definite asset.

Baby dolls and other loose lingerie: I love baby dolls, however, choose the ones with the underwire tops unless you are happy with ‘the girls’ positioning in them. Remember these are unstructured garments. They don’t control anything. I can make them work for anybody, but unless you have a tight bod, things are going to move around…if you know what I mean.

Shelf bras, crotchless panties, etc:  I am all for variety. If you like it, bring it. Anything goes! After all, how many times are you going to do boudoir photos? You really need to GO FOR IT! Don’t be afraid, I’ll take good care of you. I know how to make you look great in anything…… or nothing!

I am also including a few lingerie sites I like. If you are looking for something sexy in lingerie with a certain theme, such as a french maid, nurse, etc. Go towww.3wishes.com Loved a lot of their stuff. Not too bad on price for most of it. If you are a large and lovely lady I liked www.hipsandcurves.com very classy and well done site. Of course there is always the pretentious Victoria’s Secret. Nice stuff, but just try and find a bra and pantie that match in your size! I prefer Fredericks of Hollywood. More variety, naughty and nice alike and much more accessible.

Well there you have it, I could go on and on. I am open for any question on the subject. Thanks for reading!

What to wear for your Valentine’s Day photography